Unusual sweet words for a guy. Gentle words that you need to say the most beloved person

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According to studies in the field of psychology, only 10% of men are indifferent to the praise in his address. The remaining 90% need to be supported, praised and approved of their actions. Some women naively believe that men are brutal males who do not tolerate lisping, and it is worthless to compliment them. What can we say about some gentle nicknames and names. . . Another thing - compliments for women! According to the weak half of humanity, they are simply obliged to be made by any man, but sweet words for men are not a necessity. Such an attitude, not only is a profound error, but also extremely selfish. Maybe it will seem awkward when a fragile girl calls her boyfriend a boxer “bunny” or “cute.” But this is only apparent absurdity. In fact, even a desperate and impudent man wants to feel tenderness towards himself. And who, if not loving woman , will be able to award him such an award.

In order for a man to feel needed, it is necessary from time to time to contact him for advice or help. In such cases, you can say: “I’m sure you are well versed in this matter, tell me, please. . . ", Or" I know you can help me with this. I will be grateful". When a woman is not shy to be weak, allowing a man to show his strength or competence in any matter - this is also a kind of veiled compliment. But it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise it may give the impression that the woman wants to sit on the neck. Total should be in moderation.

The same goes for open praise. If you begin to praise constantly and for no reason, then it may pall. In order for the compliments for men to have a price, they must really be deserved. Moreover, the man is always easy to determine when he is flattered. And it is unlikely that he will like it.

Ways, as you can affectionately call a beloved man, can be committed different. They depend on the situation. For example, if a young man prepared for a date, dressed elegantly, presented a gift or flowers. In this situation, it would be appropriate to say: “You are so courageous and at the same time cute”, or “It turns out that you are very romantic, I did not expect that you can be a romantic. In this way I like you even more. . . ". In fact, every man has his own merits. After all, women love them for it. Therefore, to say something nice man , do not need to write anything. Men can be strong, gentle, kind, sympathetic, affectionate, cheerful, intelligent, sexy. These, and many others wonderful words in your address will be glad to hear any of the men.

If a woman voices some quality in her beloved and says that she likes it, then the man has an additional incentive. He will continue to try to remain the same. The main thing is to constantly support such a desire with tender words of approval.

There are other ways to appeal to a beloved man. One option is to use diminutive forms of the name. Why not call the beloved man Sasha or Andryushenka? It's at work, he is Alexander Ivanovich or Andrey Sergeevich, and next to his beloved woman there must be a feeling of warmth and comfort. Such gentle treatment in the subconscious carry a man at the time of his childhood. There, where a caring mother is near, and there are no everyday problems. But is this feeling of peace, given to a beloved man, not the most valuable thing in a relationship?

We should also consider what kind words of the phrase men like. In these phrases is not the praise of the man himself, his actions or personal qualities. By uttering them, the woman thanks the whole world for having such a man. For example: “I am grateful to the fate that she sent you to me,” “How I used to live without you,” “How beautiful life is when you're around,” “I am the happiest woman in the world because I have you,” My life would be gray if I didn’t meet you on my way ”,“ You painted my life with bright colors ”,“ Having met you, I was born again ”.

There are other phrases that make a man feel strong, courageous. For example: “When you are near, I am not afraid of anything”, “With you I feel like behind a stone wall”, “You conquered my heart”, “You are my hero”, “I feel like a woman next to you”.

The question of reinforcement of male actions with such compliments was considered by many psychologists. And in all cases their indisputable significance was proved for maintaining strong relations. So, psychologist D. Gottman in his research revealed the following pattern: spouses, who are in a happy marriage, give each other compliments 5 times more often compared to expressing dissatisfaction and complaints. And this applies to both spouses.

The well-known American psychologist B. F. Skinner proved that the compliments made to a man about his actions stimulate him to further repeat similar actions. Thus, if a woman is satisfied with the actions of her lover and wants him to continue to please her, then she should certainly tell him about it in the form of a compliment.

Do not be shy to compliment your beloved man. But it is important to understand that compliments for women and men are slightly different things. For a lady, a compliment is most often the highest rating of her beauty. At the same time, a compliment to a gentleman is a feminine response to his actions. That is, when a man does something for a woman, it is not enough just to say “thank you”. It is better to make a compliment. For example, if a beloved man prepared dinner, it would be appropriate to say to him: “Dear, you are such an economic man! I love so much when you cook. You're spoiling me. "

And in the end, you can back up your warm words with a non-verbal method: embrace, kiss, stroke gently on the shoulder. And it will be for your beloved the most expensive reward.

Affectionate appeal to a man can be without cause. Here standard words will come in handy: dear, beloved, sweet, beloved, dear, golden, my good, my joy, sweet. Some women successfully use animal names for this purpose: bear, bunny, tiger cub, cat.

There are also men who allow themselves to be affectionately called "puzatik", "mustache", and other words that indicate their external features. But such seemingly innocuous names should not be given to people suspicious or with a high conceit. At the same time, they may be appropriate in a narrow family circle, and never pronounced to the general public.

The reaction of a beloved man to a kind word can be different. It may even seem that he did not pay attention to it. In fact, it is not. The fact is that men by their nature are rather restrained. Since childhood, they are accustomed to hide their emotions. But, deep down, any man will be touched.

In any case, the answer to women's warmth and affection will be brave deeds. After all, a man who feels like a knight is ready to move mountains for the sake of a lady of his heart! Calling a beloved man a tender word, a woman must also show that she does it with love. This should be read in her eyes, in her smile. A man who feels feminine warm and sincere love, can not remain indifferent and will certainly give his life companion mutual affection!

What kind words, phrases like men? How can you affectionately call a beloved man? Affectionate appeal to a man.

Since ancient times, scientists and healers have been marked by the magical power of the word. After all, it is not for nothing that the expression has survived to this day that “the word how to heal and so can kill.” The one who knows how to cope with the ability to speak correctly and on time the right words , can reach in life a truly cosmic heights and achieve the location of the most inaccessible people. The male consciousness is aimed at the verbal form of the conquest of the souls and minds of the fair sex. But it will be unforgivable folly to say that only women are greedy for "sweet words".

Affectionate words for men. Compliments beloved man.

Affectionate words make no less impression on the strong half of humanity. So says, "a kind word and a little cat is nice." The most important thing to know is what, when and how to say it. Just some kind of quiz! But the super prize in it will be the opportunity to achieve the desired person from the person you need. And you should not play up, assuring that you do not want anything from anyone. You want from your beloved tenderness, attention, in the end, a gift or invitation to a restaurant or that he just washed the dishes. Nothing is impossible. To encourage his motivation in this matter may just kindly the word and timely praise in the form of some kind of compliment. The most important thing is to know your loved one from different sides. After all, a compliment is a very personal thing, to which an individual approach is needed. What one likes, does not suit another.

How can you affectionately call a beloved man? Affectionate treatment, affectionate words, compliments for men.

For a start, let's look at our other half a little more closely. It often happens that a strong-looking man, who looks like a huge mountain externally, remains in his heart a gentle “flower” that needs caress like air. You can easily give him the diminutive nicknames “baby”, “baby”, “lapule”, “bunny” and so on. Your giant will “endure” this from you, although many in the soul rebel and do not always understand what caused the application of this “nickname” to them. However, the problem can be illimirovat if it is calmly available to justify to him the flow of his thoughts.

For example, his strength and power causes such a surge of emotions in you that you simply “hide” and feel protected, like a little child, hugging your favorite toy - a talisman. And besides, he is confident in his strong external impression, which he makes on others. Therefore, with such a subject there are usually no big problems. But if the object of your thoughts is a representative of the “scientific, botanical” branch of the male individual, then it is worth doing very carefully with diminutive petting derivatives. As a rule, their self-esteem is somewhat lower than that of the "hardened" guys. He will be very pleased to hear in his address more often than any kind words - courageous comparisons: “lion”, “my support”, “my male” or other, but in a similar vein.

What kind words, phrases like men? Sometimes you can dilute “cocktail” with more tender words - “my treasure”, “my boy”, “dear”, “my good”, “my sweet”, etc. You can play with the word "most" - "the most necessary, gentle, reliable ...". In general, it is worth spending a little time and write on paper all sorts of gentle words that come to your mind. Then project them on your chosen one. The most successful of the list, rewrite the "purebred", and the rest without sparing destroy. Then look through the records again more critically and try to weed out the least successful options from those already selected.

In addition, think about the situations in which you could use a particular word. For example, “my sunshine”, whispered by a gentle purr right in his ear, can produce the effect of a bombshell and make him forget about all the insults and problems. This is written from the words of the men themselves. Also, many of them prefer to be simply “loved” and banally “nice” officially at a meeting with friends, but in principle they alone agree on almost everything, even to be a “hedgehog” or a fantastic “crazy woman”.

In fact, a nickname can be perceived as a kind of compliment. To make compliments skillfully is a subtle science from the section of human psychology. When making a compliment, always remember that it is almost next to flattery, the only question is the volume of exaggeration. The flattering speech often "cuts off hearing" and causes, especially in men, negative emotions. Exaggeration in the compliment is usually insignificant and not so much "striking", and therefore "swallowed" with great pleasure.

For example, if you say to him “you are the best computer specialist in the world,” you will immediately strain him by telling an obvious lie, even if he doesn’t actually feel like a newcomer in this matter. But flattery will immediately make him think that you don’t think so at all, but you just need something from him. But, having come from the other side - “I’m a complete ignoramus and you’re not even worthy of shoes, I don’t know what I would do without you” - you will force him not only to check your computer, but also to give you, for example, a brand new boot disk. Simply, he will believe your words, men have a certain self-confidence in their capabilities, by encouraging her in time, you will find in his eyes a loyal ally and support.

Gentle words for men? “Lovely women, remember, men are the same living people and, as they say,“ nothing human is alien to them. ” They are no less, if not more, than we need to be fed in the form of regular rewards and admiring “slamming of the eyelashes” of their chosen one. They, just like you, want to be “the most-most” or at least hear it from you, so that there is an incentive for further development. In this case, the compliment can be compared with the regular intake of vitamins. But both with that, and with another it is necessary to know the measure and not to overdo it. Being fed up, a man may not accept compliments and tenderness on the part of his beloved for a long time. And maybe so that he soar as in the Greek myth to the sun on imaginary wings, which break at the most inopportune moment. And to fall, alas, it is always painful and unpleasant. In addition, clearly having gone too far with the compliments you threaten yourself to be ranked among the rank of “flattering foxes”, and all further attempts to express your admiration will be taken hostile.

Once again I remind you that before giving your chosen one a reason to be proud of yourself, carefully consider the whole situation. Sometimes a “weighed” compliment is worse than a slap.

Follow-up should:

Tender words loved one needs to talk constantly. For any person, whether he is male or female, beautiful words It is pleasant to hear, they are like music and a balm for the soul. If you love your young man speak his warm words more often.

Some people are afraid of tender words, sometimes it is difficult for a person to say something pleasant to another. The reason for this constraint can be a difficult childhood, strict parenting, the bitter experience of unsuccessful relationships. All this leads to psychological problems that need to be addressed. Pronounce beautiful speeches need every day. It's so nice to please other people, and especially your soul mate.

Men are considered less sensitive than women. A true representative of the stronger sex should be courageous, domineering and serious. But, often behind the mask of a strong warrior hides a kind, simple guy who madly wants to be praised and told pleasant words .

Beautiful and tender words beloved guy need to speak from the heart. This should not be commonplace flattery! Just express your real feelings. Sometimes a gentle nickname, at least to a woman, it may seem very nice, it can greatly offend a man. Therefore, before you call your beloved affectionately, it is better to think a little.

Words that can not speak a man

Tender words should be spoken on time and not put the man in an uncomfortable position. It is unlikely that an adult, a respectable man, 50 years old or older, would be pleased when he was pleasantly called a fluffy or a bunny.

By the way, many guys admit that they feel uncomfortable when girls focus their attention on their sentimentality. Even if your young man started a mean male tear when watching, you should not contact him with the words: "Just do not cry, darling" or "Do not worry, I leave for a while." Believe me, it will annoy such a manifestation of tenderness.

Another taboo among the gentle appeals to the beloved is his appearance. It is not necessary to focus on any part of the body, even if it is very prominent. If a guy has big ears, he is unlikely to be pleased to hear in his address: “My dear cheburashka” or “Bunny”. You shouldn’t call “handsome” either, if your boyfriend doesn’t follow his appearance fanatically, such caressing words will only confuse him. Men are confident that in the eyes of their girlfriend they should look strong, and the nickname “Cutie” will upset him.

Under no circumstances can you compare your man with ex guys . Imagine this can be done, even saying banal. Phrase type: "Dear you kiss steeper than Andrew, Sasha, Lesha" can push any guy.

Beautiful words to say to your loved one

The most tender words of a beloved man need to speak often and in the case. You can not take a good relationship for granted.

It is better to embarrass him once again. Men like most of all rather standard gentle appeals to them: beloved, dear, sweet, best, sexy, kind, gentle, affectionate, dear, wonderful, good. When asking for help from your loved one, add a gentle appeal to a man, he will be very pleased.

The deserved compliments of the guy's appearance are appropriate. If you see that going to the guy’s gym was not in vain, tell him: “What are your strong hands , it is clear that you go to the hall. "

Praise the guy's hair. Not only girls worry about their appearance, guys are very pleased when others notice changes in their hairstyle, even if he cut his hair 2mm, you should definitely pay attention to this.

If he has achieved success in his work, say: "You have done well for me, I have always believed in you." It is pleasant to any man to know that he worked not in vain.

It is easy to say pleasant words to a man. If you have problems with the selection of tender words, do not be lazy and look in the dictionary. Do not say complex, poetic phrases. A few sudden, sincere, warm words are much more pleasant to hear. Our men deserve the most tender words, say them more often!

Not only men are pleased to hear pleasant words in their address. You will learn about the words that all girls want to hear.

Why not call the beloved man Sasha or Andryushenka?
But is this feeling of peace, given to a beloved man, not the most valuable thing in a relationship?
What kind words, phrases like men?
How can you affectionately call a beloved man?
How can you affectionately call a beloved man?
What kind words, phrases like men?
Gentle words for men?